EU Funded Project

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Grants have been awarded by the EU and the Irish Government to Trifol

The world is finally waking up to the urgent need for a more responsible approach to plastic waste – so here’s an innovation with huge potential impact.

Project Aim

The PLASTIC2WAXLIFE project aims to demonstrate and scale up a new process for the conversion of waste plastics into renewable high-value wax. This technology relies on a high-performance, proprietary, chemical recycling process characterised by the absence of a catalyst, representing a greener, safer, and more convenient alternative to other technologies.

The aim is to reach commercial levels of wax production having worked at Pilot scale since 2016 and now commercial scale capacities – initially at 4,000 tonnes per annum at the Portlaoise plant in 2018/2019 and now relocated to Lanespark, Littleton, Co Tipperary and to be recommissioned in 2023 . Once this plant is successfully operating, Trifol is planning to upscale to a new 24,000 tonne per annum plant in 2024.

About Trifol

Trifol, a privately held company, has developed a low-pressure pyrolysis patented process, and established in 2014/2015 to convert waste plastic to wax. The technology provides a value proposition to an environmental problem created from disposal of plastic waste.

The process is a proprietary patented technology and already validated at laboratory level at Queens University, Belfast and at small commercial-scale Pilot plant level at the Portlaoise facility. It is planned to commission the relocated 4,000 tonne plant in 2023 and the upscaled 24,000 tonne per annum plants at the relocated Bord na Mona facility at Lanespark, Littleton, Co Tipperary in 2024/2025.

Grant Awards to Trifol’s Plastic2WaxLife Project

The scaling up of Trifol’s plans will happen through the project PLASTIC2WAXLIFE (aka NEWLIFE2PLASTIC), with an overall project budget of €5,051,858.75. Grant from EU LIFE (€3,013,971.07) and from Irish Government’s Climate Action Fund (€1.5m) has been awarded to Trifol for implementing the scale up plan.

European Union LIFE Grant

The EU Project 101074258 LIFE21-ENV-IE-PLASTIC2WAXLIFE by European Union LIFE awarded €3m to Trifol Resources Limited on 5th May 2022.

Irish Government CAF Grant

The Irish government grant awarded to Trifol Resources Limited under the Climate Action Fund of €1.5m on 12th November 2021 under co-financing grant application.

Project Pert Chart

Trifol’s PLASTIC2WAXLIFE project has been divided into 6 Work Packages (WP) to cover all the aspects related to the management, the technical realization and the replication and exploitation of the project. Their main relation and logic is summarised in the provided PERT Chart

Project Governing Board

Patrick Alley


Thomas Cooke


Daya Kanyamarala